Our Practice Areas

Businesses and Nonprofits

Gallagher, Villeneuve and DeGeer's lawyers take pride in growing the mid-coast economy through representation of new and established businesses and nonprofits. We guide you in the legal formation of your business or nonprofit, its major sales and purchases, tax status, and ownership transitions or disputes. We advise you in how to choose, implement and maintain a legal structure that best fits your needs and aspirations. We have four Business Law attorneys including Jennifer Villeneuve, Marcia DeGeer and Timothy Kimpton. Timothy Kimpton also represents nonprofit organizations.


Elder Law

The Elder Law attorneys at Gallagher, Villeneuve and DeGeer work to meet the needs of their clients who are age sixty or older. We work with those who want to create and execute a legal plan that protects them in their later years, to decide who will make decisions about their life, home, finances, health and healthcare if there comes a time when they are no longer able to do so. We help them create and safeguard the documents that facilitate and protect these decisions. In addition, we are skilled in representing older clients facing divorce, bringing a deep understanding of the unique challenges they must resolve. We also represent clients applying to or accessing services from MaineCare as well as Petitions for Guardianship and Conservatorship, when they are needed. Our Elder Law attorneys are Jennifer Villeneuve, Marcia DeGeer and Timothy Kimpton.


Estate and Trust Planning

Gallagher, Villeneuve and DeGeer's attorneys work closely with you to ensure that your property and assets are managed and distributed according to your wishes. We draft, review and modify the kind of Will or Trust and accompanying documents that best fit your needs and intentions. Our attorneys regularly work with client accountants to evaluate each unique situation, minimize tax burdens, and find the best approach to managing the transfer of assets now and in the future. Four of our firm's attorneys practice Estate and Trust planning, including: Jennifer Villeneuve, Marcia DeGeer and Timothy Kimpton.


Family Law

Gallagher, Villeneuve and DeGeer's Family Law group helps you to put your family first when representing you in all aspects of family law including divorce, post-divorce issues, parental rights and responsibilities, adoption, guardianship, and prenuptial agreements. We are there to support you as you prepare your case, undergo mediation or contested proceedings, and, if necessary, appeal your case to Maine's Law Court. Our family law group includes Marcia DeGeer and Timothy Kimpton.


Immigration Law

Jennifer Atkinson helps both foreign nationals and U.S. sponsors to navigate the complex administrative processes involved in obtaining temporary residence (visitor or non-immigrant) or permanent residence (green card) as well as humanitarian status in the U.S. She works with individuals, couples, families and businesses on their unique immigration issues. She also guides individuals in securing and confirming their U.S citizenship. She advises and represents clients in petitions and applications before USCIS, U.S. Dept. of Labor, and the U.S Dept of State. For more information about GVD Law’s Immigration services please visit our website devoted to Immigration Law.


Municipal Law

Jennifer Villeneuve is an experienced Municipal Law attorney serving the needs of a number of mid-coast towns. She advises and assists town managers and elected representatives to craft and review ordinances, resolve planning and land use disputes, respond to state and corporate actions, and sell and purchase property.


Probate (Estates)

The attorneys at Gallagher, Villeneuve and DeGeer regularly assist families and friends in the administration of the estate of someone who has passed. We guide you through the entire probate process, ensuring you take the right steps along the way, whether the estate is large or small. We represent you in hearings, through transactions of property, and settling of debts and bequests, both contested and uncontested matters. Our Probate lawyers are Jennifer Villeneuve, Marcia DeGeer and Timothy Kimpton.

Real Estate Law

Gallagher, Villeneuve and DeGeer's Real Estate group represents individuals, families, estates, trusts, businesses, non-profits and municipalities in a wide-range of real estate matters including: leases, contract and deed drafting, negotiation and litigation, disputes between landlords and tenants or between neighboring property owners, partition actions, easements and rights of way, permitting, zoning and other land use needs. Our Real Estate practice group is comprised of attorneys Jennifer Villeneuve, Marcia DeGeer and Timothy Kimpton.


Real Estate Transactions

For the purchase or sale of commercial or residential real estate, both buyers and sellers from across the country can rely on our partners, Jennifer Villeneuve and Marcia DeGeer. In addition to handling the full range of real estate matters above, our partners ensure a thorough and timely approach to both private and lender-financed transactions of property located in Maine.


U.S. Bankruptcy

Timothy Kimpton helps individuals and small businesses seeking debt relief under Chapter 7 (debt liquidation) and Chapter 13 (debt reorganization and payment planning) of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. He advises and assists clients through the complicated procedures of filing and represents them in U.S. Bankruptcy Court hearings.